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Germany’s Energiewende Crisis

Germany started going green over 20 years ago. Yahoogle ‘energiewende,’ or see this article from IEEE’s website: Germany’s Energiewende, 20 Years Later.

Here in the US, the Green Party and other progressives began pitching the Green New Deal, promising a complete adoption of the plan would create millions of sustainable energy jobs, and break our dependency of those filthy fossil fuels by 2030.

In 20 years, Germany has not been able to achieve anything close to the goals of the Green New Deal, and the Germans really did go all in on energiewende. According to progressive propaganda, 20 years of going green should have broken the German dependence on dirty pollutants and allowed them to laugh in the face of Vlad pinching off the gas pipe. Instead, the German government is spending almost 300 billion Euros to subsidize skyrocketing energy costs for homes and businesses while all of Europe eyes imposing a draconian energy rationing in an attempt to cut consumption by at least 15% .

If the Germans can’t do it, why would any sane person believe progressives in the US–who have no real-world experience–can pull it off?

Chart Source: Average monthly electricity wholesale price in Germany from January 2019 to August 2022

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