"Hell is other people"

The More Things Change…

My teens mentioned adult coloring books, and my parental mind immediately darted to soft core cartoon porn, but no, it’s all about relaxation through crayons.  I thought this was a nifty new trend, but it’s not.  Adult coloring books took off in the early 1960’s, and were conveyances of subversion and fun-poking at, of all things, colorless corporatism and hipsters!

“Not only did coloring books show adults a childishly simple view of a corrupt world, they also showed how a child could be corrupted in the process of learning.” (New Republic)

Fight the power that’s fighting the power, and you may end up a domestic terrorist. On the other side, ask the ghost of Socrates about the thin line between educating our youth and corrupting them. Attending a school board meeting in the US, or honking your horn in Canada could land you in serious trouble. Who’d a thunk there existed such a wide variety of coloring books?

What say you?

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