"Hell is other people"

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  • Body Snatchers

    I don’t support the misuse of words and phrases, like calling peaceful trespassers “insurrectionists” or plastering the “groomer” label on everyone to your left. However, adults who introduce to children graphic cartoons and texts advocating anal activity, masturbation and sex acts (gay or straight) among children should be arrested. I can only conclude that such […]

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  • News Flash! Locking up Criminals Decreases Crime

    Jailing Criminals results in less crime. Who knew?

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  • Tribes

    Another Pretender Drummed out of the Tribe A diversity activist allegedly lied about her race and has in turn left her post at a social justice organization – leaving a scandal in her wake.  Raquel Evita Saraswati, the chief equity, inclusion, and culture officer of social justice organization American Friends Service Committee, claimed to be a woman of […]

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